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Conveyor belt for wood industry

Product Application

Conveyor belt for wood industry

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Conveyor belt for wood industry

Temperature resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, high tensile strength and low elongation


△ Temperature resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, high tensile strength and low elongation

△ Soft in longitudinal direction, stiff in transverse direction, good elasticity, stable size and smooth operation

△ Bottom face can be provided with guide strips; and surface with guide strips and lifting strips


Special conveyor belt for sander

△ Covering layer adopts thick elastomer, pressed with special pattern

△ High friction coefficient which can effectively absorb the processed objects

△ Effectively store and remove sawdust generated during processing

Model: TR-E3-800、TR-E3-1000


Conveyor belt for high (medium) density sheet production line

△ Soft belt and smooth surface covering layer

Model: SB-12-200、SB-12-300


Conveyor belt for metering former

△ Soft belt with good flexibility

Model: SB-12-200、SB-12-30、SV-13-200、SV-13-300


Conveyor belt for preformer production line

△ High strength, low elongation, high temperature resistance, smooth operation and good flexibility

Model: SB-12-600


Conveyor belt for floor painting line

△ Temperature resistance, wear resistance, high strength and low elongation, solvent resistance and easy cleaning

Model: SB-12-300、SB-12-400


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